The Trouble With Goodbye

Poesia em inglês –


Goodbyes echo
in my heart.
Faces drift
in and out
of focus
and the missing
doesn’t fade.
It’s agony
knowing you are
out there
and I just can’t
touch you.
These people
who leave
can’t be retrieved
and if they were,
would it really
be the same?
It’s more
than missing,
more than longing
for a past
or a person.
It’s blood
replaced with aching
and a hole
instead of a heart.
My bones
are rust
and my skin
is paper,
and it never
goes away.
It’s hard
to get used to
someone being gone
when they can return
at any minute.
Knock, knock,
and your past
is at your doorstep.
And maybe that’s
what’s good about it
but maybe
that’s what makes
the pain
that much stronger.
You are there
and I can see
your pictures,
read your words,
but a towering wall
of longing
and time
divides us.

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